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Meeting Shin Again

Almost twenty five years ago, our family of four met a Japanese mystic on a plane. We called him Shin. It ended up being a formative 8 hours together in my and Viral's teenage lives. Decades later, I would remarkably run into him again (on my last trip to Japan). And today, life brought us together for breakfast.

A glorious space emerged at our table of 3, at a random coffee shop in downtown Tokyo. I learned that he knew Fukuoka, who he said had a very pure mind.  His assistant, Ikumi, was in tears at various points and called it a "Miracle Meeting". Japanese culture is not known for its hugs, but we couldn't help ourselves:

Last night, two nuns had offered me some bread. Another woman had offered me a small envelope with some money, with a beautiful inscription in Japanese. I paid that forward to Shin. He read that inscription: "An Offering From the Heart." Perfect.  

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