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Maki's Latest: 7 Million Prayers

Maki is one of the gentlest innovators one might encounter.  With a keen intellect, she's a doctor by trade; with a unbelievably sensitive heart, her favorite activity is praying for others; and with a happy spirit, she's always found smiling and in service.  You notice it in the little things, like this story at the Subway Station.

Her latest innovation has been doing a "7 Million Prayers" circle. I asked her, "Why 7 million?  You mean 7 billion?"  With a big smile, she says, "I wanted to think small." :)

People come together for a little bit of silence and a brief circle of sharing. Then there's a talk by someone from another part of the world to share a bit of their country, with the idea that the country's spirit comes alive with that personal relationship to the speaker. To conclude the circle, everyone shares a sentence of where they'd like to channel their prayers, and the whole group recites that sentence again. After all the prayers of goodwill, there's some silence to soak it all in.

I spoke about India today. With so many prayers in the room, a sense of sacred was clearly palpable. My translator, Skip, shared a beautiful sentiment after the talk: "I felt like I had to create space in my head to actually hold some of the ideas you were talking about. I feel bigger right now."

Lots of small ripples like this young woman who said she's going to start doing gift-economy massage at her beauty salon once a week (and that I have to visit her next time, LOL):


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