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Collective Cultivation

Having been to so many homes in recent days, I am seeing how cultivation isn't singular.  If, in a family, more than one person is leading a wholesome life, it naturally supports others.  And hence, if one member of the family experiences a micro transformation, it effortlessly ripples into the hearts of others as well.  It's hard to draw a causation map of this, but I've been feeling this repeatedly.

Today, I went to the home of one such family, who have been long-time supporters of Swami Chinmayananda.  Last year, in Delhi, we had a spontaneous-- and memorable -- Awakin Circle at their home.  Since then, Nihaarika hosted a few other Awakin Circles as well. This evening, they hosted another one with about 30 of us.  It had a great strength.  So many offerings in so many directions.  As is often the case, people thanked me for DailyGood and various other Servicespace offerings. Gayatri Aunty later wrote me a note saying, "My New Year's resolution is to hold such circles everyday."

A young woman spent 4 hours commuting, simply to say thank you to ServiceSpace and how it changed her life.  Next year, she is embarking on a "shukriya yatra" (gratitude pilgrimage) and in that spirit offered two beautiful shells:


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"Service doesn't start when you have something to give; it blossoms naturally when you have nothing left to take."

"Real privilege lies in knowing that you have enough."