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Inexhaustible Patience Of Bhawana-ben

Bhawana-ben has been working with the mentally challenged for 37 years.  "When I first walked into a special school, a kid pulled my hair strongly and wouldn't let go.  Slowly, someone else pulled his hair, and he understood the pain and let it go.  That day, I decided I wanted to serve that community," she shared.  These kids, she added, are her teachers.  "Every so often, I will get angry with them and send them out of the room.  They will go out and come back with a glass of water for me.  Their love, forgiveness, kindness is bar none."

It's easy to imagine how people might burn out in her position, but Bhawana-ben is full of joy.

"Everyday, I would do a prayer in class. Right as I close my eyes, this kid would come up and spit on my face.  First time, it was jarring -- especially since he would do it many times everyday.  Bit by bit, though, I would take him with me to wash my face and would wash his face, and he started to empathize.  Instead of spitting on my face 8-9 times a day, he reduced it to 2-3 times.  And now, he doesn't do it at all!  It took 2-3 years, but you know, nature takes its time. We must cultivate patience if we want to tap into nature's bounty." 

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