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Ripe Fruit That Can't Be Plucked

Serendipity shouldn't surprise, but it still does. :) 

This morning, Anand Bhave (who said he was Vinoba Bhave's nephew) and Teji Tai (who was with Vimala Tai on her death bed and for many years prior) and couple of us ended up at the same breakfast table!

Lots of great stories were shared, like this one ...

Ramana Maharshi used to say that the same energy that works through him is working through Gandhi, and likewise, when sarvodaya workers in Gandhi's movement would be burnt out, he would send them to retreat in the Arunachala mountains (where Ramana resided). When Gandhi was assassinated, Ramana was spontaneously in tears -- and stayed teary-eyed for two days. At one point, Gandhi passed by Ramana's ashram and instead of stopping there, he stopped at another ashram next door.

When devotees asked, "Why didn't Gandhi stop here?", Ramana responded, "Paaka hua phal yaha aata tau yahi gir jata." (If such a ripe fruit enters here, he'd never be able to leave.)"

Made me smile at the wonderful Boddhisattva spirit Gandhi held for the benefit of so many. :)   

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