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We Did Know Walking Together

At Heena's Awakin Circle in Cuff Parade (Bombay), she shared how the circles have changed her life.  "I never thought I could ever cook for so many people, but I did it today!  It was just so effortless.  Actually, I started these circles only to support my daughter.  I thought I was going to retire and just enjoy life now, but after hosting these circles, all this feels so right.  Usually we just have 5 to 10 people, but I'm so delighted to feel all this energy in our home today.  Thank you."

Kunal closed the circle, with a "slow story" and a beautiful Hindi poem called Hatasha (translation).  "We did not know each other, but we did know walking together."

Post dinner, a few of us stayed back and everyone spontaneously assembled into a group hug and started sharing their service stories.  One guy was a barber who would help underprivileged with haircuts, another started crying when reflecting on community.  A college student, Drishti, shared a sweet story: "Service is teaching me about receiving.  I was on a transit the other day, and this old woman kept telling me back off.  Initially, I thought she wanted me to stay away from the door, but then, she kept telling me back up.  Just out of respect, I did.  Until, I was right under the fan.  She saw I was hot and wanted me to stand under the fan.  We never exchanged any words, but I received her gift.  The more I serve others, I more I see how much I'm receiving from others."

Here's a photo of those us still around for the late-night hugging embrace:


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