Jan 19, 2013

A long-time Service Space Ambassador has a practice of informing restaurant staff to anonymously pay the bill of a random couple that they felt were in love. Recently, he was at a restaurant after 3 years and the manager enthusiastically informs him that the couple he had previously paid for are here. "How would you know that?" he asked. "Dude just got down on one knee and proposed!" "What?" "We went over and asked why they chose this place, and the guy said they were sitting at that same table three years ago and some stranger paid for their meal and made them think about kindness and love and they’ve been talking about it ever since. They’ve incorporated it into their lives and said there was no other place he could have proposed since it was their most impactful memory." They met Pankaj (who was anonymous until Richard Branson blogged about this story!), and invited him to the wedding too -- where he took this photo of the couple. :)

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