Our Dear Friend Barbara Cushing Passes On

Nov 10, 2012

Our dear friend, inspiration and fellow ServiceSpace volunteer, Barbara Cushing passed away recently. Rather suddenly, she was diagnosed with a rare condition, and within a week of being hospitalized, she had left her body, surrounded by her loving family. I remember how she came to our retreat in Napa and told me that she was going to retire in two years and wanted to become a full-time ServiceSpace volunteer; I remember how she convinced her foundation to give us a grant without us ever having applied for it; I remember how much she loved volunteering at Karma Kitchen and how she brought many people there, including her wonderful children; I remember how she wrote an incredible letter to nominate us for an award; I remember how happy she was when we helped fulfill a small dream of her son, Will, to visit the Gandhi Ashram. Dearest Barbara, thank you. We will deeply miss your heartful wisdom on the "Tiger Team", but we remain immensely joyful in knowing that we will always stay connected in the InnerNet. Wherever you are, we send you our love.

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