Remembering Kanti Kaka

May 4, 2012

On our walking pilgrimage, Guri and I had the privilege of meeting some absolute gems of humanity.  Kanti Kaka in the remote village of Pindval was one of them; eloquent, insightful, and kind.  Author of over 100 books, he would spontaneously riff things like: "Our most pressing question really is: do you want a global market or a global family? In a global market, big fish eats the little fish; in a global family, the handicapped child gets more attention than the normal one. Competition versus love. Where do you stand on it? Our culture hasn't even framed this question yet."  When I asked if he was worried that the next generation wouldn't carry on his work in the remote hills of Gujarat, he laughed: "I have absolutely no worries because I believe in reincarnation. There were some big people before me, so they all have to be reborn somewhere. [Laughs] They will come back and do this work. I'm not worried at all."  Last week, Kanti-kaka passed away.  I'm grateful that he blessed the world in his thoughtful ways.

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