A Turbulent Decade

Apr 24, 2012

Today, I was at Institute for the Future's "Ten Year Forecast" gathering, with many interesting futurists.  What does the world look like in 2112?  Today, all of Facebook data is 100 petabytes, but satellites gather 7000 petabytes, sixteen times a day; will algorithm be our filter?  Attention economy is at odds empathy cultivation.  We have trillion cells inside us, but 10 trillion bacteria around us; other people's "microbiomes" affect us too.  How Your Cat is Making You Crazy.  What is neuro-politics?  If cause of an effect isn't singular, what does neuro-law look like?  Historically, killers in chief became our leaders; even today, state has monopoly on killing, but what does governance of non-killing look like?  What about privacy? Check isharewhat.com to see your online footprint.  In Philly, school kids got a mac -- except that they secretly turned on the camera and disciplined students based on the photos!  Why not each of our iPhones too?  What does that say about human rights? All in all, they say the next decade will be a turbulent one, where the incumbent path will lose favor to the emergent one of hyper-urbanization, deindustrialization, dematerialization, social production, information intensification, biomolecularization -- and seemingly impossible scenarios may prove to be possible.  Good time to plant seeds for a gift culture. :)

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