Circle and a Human Flow

Apr 21, 2012

Trishna and Guri have been working for months to build systems that will allow ServiceSpace to adapt to its changing needs.  As Guri noted, "We can no longer fit into our toddler t-shirt."  No other factory-made sizes fit either, so we made our own. :)  What is the shape that accurately represents the relationships within our ecosystem?  We went through all kinds of options and ultimately returned back to a circle.  Fluid, non-hierarchical, matrix.  Then we worked on the process of cultivating volunteers.  A cursory view says, "Match up volunteer offers to service needs."  In practice, it can't be reduced like that.  Technology often aims towards efficiency, but our dozen years of broad experience says that building deep ties heads in different direction -- with more human interaction.  Trishna unveiled the new volunteer flow.  This morning, 17 "Team Leaders" held an uplifting global conference call to solidify our adoption of these new innovations.  More co-creation to follow. :) 

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