Servant Leaders of ServiceSpace

Feb 29, 2012

Its pretty amazing to see the caliber of servant leaders that  ServiceSpace has cultivated.  A walk with Pancho is highlight of Bela's trip, unstoppable Madhu hosts our local friend Anne Firth Murray from Stanford, Birju touches various folks at Huffington Post mostly by his listening presence, a royalty from Japan was busing tables for 4 hours at Karma Kitchen last Sunday -- all just from feeds posted *today*.   What a strong posse of every-moment heroes.  I thought of this when I saw a note of someone explaining why they want to join Wednesdays: "I had the pleasure of sharing a cab ride with Pavithra ... it was meant to be.  I was in Pondicherry looking for some answers , and maybe Pavithra may have shown me a path!"  Even cab rides, en route to the airport, aren't off limits. :)   

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"Real privilege lies in knowing that you have enough."