Friendship Without Name or Form

Feb 11, 2012

Had an interesting insight when speaking to a middle school assembly yesterday.  "It can be a tough crowd, especially on a Friday, but they're good kids," the principal told me before she introduced me. :)  The easiest way to engage with young folks is to entertain, but that vibration has a low ceiling; so I usually opt for sincerity.  I went up, showed Power of One, spoke about 3 S's -- simplicity, service and stillness -- and just offered up raw stories without slides.  The kids were totally tuned in.  Right after, more than 1500 Smile Cards disappeared in no time and the teachers themselves were a bit surprised; bunch of them came up to high-five, hug, and say all kinds of cute things like: "Smile Cards are more addictive than texting".   Turned out that our friend Dacher was picking up his kids from school, and he wrote: "Both my daughters spontaneously praised the  talk, which as Kathryn will tell you, is a rare thing for middle schoolers."  If you took a quiz, maybe 1% of them would even know my name; yet when I was walking to my car, one of the kids rolled down her window from the back seat to enthusiastically wave at me, as if I was her best friend.  Its a kind of friendship without a name or form.

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