TedXBerkeley Event

Feb 4, 2012

We were part of a great TedX-Berkeley event with over thousand (mostly college) folks attending an inspired gathering.  Jennifer helped curate the event, and insisted on having "CF Mom and Dad" come and sit up front, as her way of saying thank-you for "three years that I've attended Wednesdays".  Bill was in the audience, who had written one of the early essays on shifting from consumers to contributors; Sam, who had hosted the first "giftvism" event in Marin, was also present; Tapan was a speaker, who referenced Neil's story.  I also spoke, sharing some intern stories, Birju's airplane tag, Leif Nelson's research and a bit of Pancho's story.  Gopi, who was another speaker, said he rehearsed his talk by attending a Wednesday couple week ago.  From so many angles, ServiceSpace spirit was present in full force.  At lunch, the DailyCal editor tweeted: "Inspired by @servicespace, us @TEDxBerkeley goers at Toaster Oven restaurant are buying each other's meals. Keep it going!"  Word was that dozens of people paid forward, just at lunch (two of them even found each other!).  Lots of Smile Cards are on the loose, so many people tweeted about giftivism, and more than half a dozen folks have already invited us to speak at other events.  All in all, nice day's work by the posse. :)   

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