DailyGood Set All-Time Traffic Record

Jan 31, 2012

DailyGood hit a traffic record in January 2012 (topping 2009 all-time highs), with close to a million page views this month.  This is particularly exciting since this wasn't a particular viral-content blip but a result of consistent growth seen since the site revamp in April last year.  In late December, we also shared the big news of Huffington Post partnering with DG to syndicate our content; following that, we engaged in deeper dialogue with them, and they have now offered their content with us!  As if that wasn't enough, Psychology Today has given us an entire "channel" to share content on their website and Viral's article on Muscular Empathy was the inaugural piece.  Just as we seven of us are now blogging on HuffPo and spreading giftivism to their community, we'll be looking for more of you to publish on Psychology Today as well. Such partnerships, online and offline, have really helped us increase the after-life of a DailyGood feature -- and as a result, people have now started writing to us pro-actively.  Just today, someone from NBC's Today Show pro-actively submitted a story for reprinting on DG.  DailyGood is spreading the good. :)   

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