Apr 10, 2015

In Ubud (Bali) this week, where Guri and I shared ServiceSpace stories at a conference, everyone came together to host a fantastic pilot of Karma Kitchen! The overflowing restaurant was brimming with goodness, volunteers (most of whom were CEO's of companies, who had never waited at restaurants) were stylin' in their KK aprons, beautiful placemats (and posters) explained the KK idea in depth, musicians were playing their hearts out, and happiness was in the air.

Some doubted if Karma Kitchen would actually break even in Bali, while others felt like Ubud culture was absolutely perfect for it, and a small percentage felt that no matter what, we'll have raised love-capital. By the end, more than 100 guests went home with inspiring anecdotes to share, volunteers were all buzzing as a result of their no-strings-attached service, folks from Dubai, Ireland, Australia, Netherlands were all very keen to host Karma Kitchen locally, and organizers and restaurants were stunned that they ended up with 150% surplus (12 million Indonesian Rupiah).

In our closing circle, volunteers lovingly shared gratitude for our global community that stands for these shared values, and offered their entire surplus to ServiceSpace; we received their love and paid it forward the money for their next KK -- which is likely to happen to in Jakarta in May. I'm sure more stories and photos will be emerge shortly, but here is our late night photo -- where we all felt the universal power of generosity, and came together as a global family.‚Äč


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