Hearts in Japan :)

Oct 26, 2013

In Japan, where vegetarian food alone is hard to find, I met a chef who is popularizing macrobiotic food. She's written several books, has a cooking studio, and a big supporter of Karma Kitchen, Tokyo. "Karma Kitchen has changed my life," she said. Four years ago, her life was in shambles. But then, she started a small practice -- of giving away one rice ball everyday. "I wanted people to eat healthy, so I made brown rice and gifted one rice ball to a stranger everyday." Postman, neighbor, elder on the street. Its a small gesture, but its a practice she continues to this day! Post Karma Kitchen, she's bringing that spirit into all aspects of her work and its changing her. Hearing her stories, I offered her a stuffed heart pin; she loved it and immediately put it on. And I gave her another one to give away, which she immediately gifted with lots of love to another employee. Watching her tender care toward small things, I just gave her my whole bag of couple hundred hearts -- and she lept up out of her seat to give me a hug. What a joy to receive such a hug.

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"Real privilege lies in knowing that you have enough."