Oct 10, 2013

The diverse appeal of Awakin gatherings is quite remarkable. For last couple months, we've had a gentleman in his mid-70s join us in the Santa Clara circle. He usually sits on the couch. Before leaving one time, he told me: "You know I heard about this from my daughter in law; she can't come because of her young son but she urged me to join. She was right." Bit by bit, he started seeing more of the context every week. He's from Australia, worked as a researcher for 30+ years publishing 40 technical papers along the way; then he quit to take care of his sick wife, for 15 years before she passed. After some accidental "no-mind experiences", his life has since taken on an explicit spiritual direction. As he joined each Wednesday, he stumbled into more things ServiceSpace. And last night, before leaving, he gently shook my hand: "This work really must commended. It is a Herculean task, what you guys do. I'm not just saying that to boost anyone's ego. I have looked into ServiceSpace in great detail, and it soooo much work -- and so good. Thank you. I leave back for Australia, and at my age, I may never see you again. Who knows what happens after death, but so long as I'm alive, I'll join in silence every Wednesday and keep sending you my best wishes every day." As a gesture of gratitude, he lifted our hand-shake to his forehead and closed his eyes for a moment before heading out.

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