Venture Capital Meets Smile Card Capital :)

Nov 11, 2011

Last night, I addressed to a crowd of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.  My instructions for addressing the 400 person "hyper alpha males" crowd: don't be humble, talk about big impact and scale.  The other keynote was a billionaire, who had invented 33 medical devices and held 150 patents.  So, of course, I spoke about Smile Cards and small acts of service. :)  Let's just say it created a mini earthquake of sorts!  So many amazing stories that perhaps I'll blog someday, but ServiceSpace-style generosity became the talk of the gathering; one of the firm's partners wrote to me joking that my talk was really bad for their business, because people were talking about giving instead of getting. :)  One of the CEOs in attendance had a parking lot conversation with me as we were leaving; soon after, on his way back home, his wife informs him that his 80-year-old Japanese neighbor drove herself to ER because of some dizziness and high blood-pressure.  So he spontaneously decides to head to ER, and spend 3 hours with her, till 2AM!  Ironically, I had spoken about the Japanese culture in my talk, so they talk about that and it was a transformative experience for him.  As they are leaving, he hands the 80-year-old woman one of the two Smile Cards he had picked up and tells her the story of what moved him to be with her at the hospital.  In the long, affectionate email he wrote to me today, he concluded: "She smiled and kept the Smile Card in her hand the whole way back home."

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