Invitation to Speak

Thank you for your interest in inviting me to speak at your event. While I'm grateful for the opportunity to share stories across diverse venues, my current schedule restricts the number of invitations I can accept. Please provide the following logistical information to help me determine availability for your event.

Note: I choose events based on prior relationships, personal resonance with guiding values, and the organizer's commitment to paying-it-forward -- like launching a generosity-driven project or initiative within an organization or community, making a donation to a grassroots cause/non-profit, or creatively requesting audiences to engage in kind acts.

Event Name:
Event Date(s):
Description: About the event, audience size, demographics, etc.
How Can I Help? Specific role in the event, and duration of talk.
Pay-Forward: How do you forsee carrying the ripples forward after the talk?
Honorarium: Given my life choices, :) I also require travel/lodging scholarship.
Comments: Also indicate if you need any information from me, outside of the general 3-paragraph bio and the high-res photo.
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Projects I'm Involved With

"Service doesn't start when you have something to give; it blossoms naturally when you have nothing left to take."

"Real privilege lies in knowing that you have enough."